Friday, April 27, 2012

I can breathe again

Tax season is over and things are calming down.  I am breathing again and loving spending more time with my boys.  We've had a fun last week and a half and have managed to go on a couple adventures as well as just relax at home. 

We took the boys to the Tulip Festival.  Although it was rainy and windy Connor and Parker enjoyed being outside and we managed to get a few cute pictures.  They aren't the "boys standing in the tulip fields" pictures I was hoping for but we'll try again next year for those.

We bought a new stroller.  The Zooper we had bought a couple months back just wasn't working out.  It was crazy hard to push and way too bulky when folded.  I decided on a Maclaren Twin Techno and was very happy to find one that had only been used twice on Craigslist.  It was a beautiful day so after buying it we ventured down to Greenlake and had lunch and then walked around the lake.  The boys loved their new stroller and we loved how easy it was to push.  No more pulling to whatever side Connor, my chunk, sat on. 

Along with a new stroller, the boys also got new car seats.  They were getting too big for their infant seats (not to mention way too heavy for me to carry) so we moved them to their big boy seats.  They seem to be liking them despite what the picture below shows...

Connor and Parker love being outside.  A walk can turn any grumpy mood into giggles and smiles in no time.  We needed to do some yard work last weekend so we took the boys outside with us and they happily jumped while we worked.

Laura is headed to Disneyland with her family next week so the boys will be home with Ben on Monday and Tuesday and the rest of the week with me.  I am so looking forward to our 5 full days together.