Friday, May 25, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

The boys went to their very first Mariners' Game on Monday and had a blast.  They are very well versed in baseball games since they've been going to Christian's for a couple months now but this was big time!  We went with their amazing auntie and uncle and they were spoiled from the moment we got there.  Grandma Pam had given them Mariners jerseys awhile ago and Andy and Tracy brought them Detroit Tigers hats so they were decked out in baseball gear and looking adorable.  They received baseball cards, Mariner Moose cards, 1st Baseball Game Certificates, a bite of cotton candy (shhhh) and a much later bedtime than normal.  The boys were in awe of all that was going on around them and happily made it to the 7th inning before falling asleep.  They flirted with those around us and were their usual happy selves.  Parker had a bit of a rough time with the cheering and would get a pouty lip and start to cry but quickly stopped when we smiled and told him it was ok.  Connor wasn't scared at all of the cheering and would even get excited along with everyone else. 

We had a great time and our team even won!  We just might go back again soon if the Mariners can keep that up!

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