Thursday, March 22, 2012

Crazy boy

Connor has this nice big crib all to himself and where does my sweet little lion end up every night...

So adorable but how he can be comfy is beyond me.

PS...I want to hear nothing about the bumpers.  I know "they" say they aren't safe but "they" aren't the boss of my family and we will continue to use them because I don't have boys screaming because their legs or arms have gotten stuck after they've put them through the slats. Also, we use blankets.  The boys like them, they stay warm and blankets rock!

PSS...It was my goal to get this blog up and running before the boys turned 6 months.  They will be 6 months next Wednesday so instead of starting from the beginning we're just going to jump in where we are now and I'll add our story as we go.  :)


  1. Awwww. He likes his cozy little corner!!

    We also used blankets in the beginning, our girls are almost 6 months now, and 1 is soooo mobile she actually gets knotted up, so she has a sleepsack, the other one doesn't move and she can't sleep without a regular blanket. We don't use those bumpers but the breathable ones ... and my girls have managed to get their legs stuck through the crib slats b/c they are easy to move... Do what works for you!

    Looking forward to reading your blog :-)

    June @

  2. Thank you, June! He really does like his little corner. When were your twins born? My boys will be 6 months next Wednesday.