Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Half Birthday, My Sweet Boys!

Dear Connor and Parker,

I can't even begin to fathom how you're already 6 months old!  It seems like it was just yesterday that I found out I was pregnant with you two.  My love since that day has grown beyond where I ever knew possible.  You are such fun little boys and I am loving watching you grow.  (You can slow down a little though...)

Connor, your personality makes me smile.  You can be so serious and you love to just study things and people.  You seem to be analyzing everything.  You are also quite the smiley boy and have started squealing like a little pig.  It always takes you by surprise at first but then you get a big smile and squeal even louder.  You love to talk and will have full on conversations with anyone who will listen, even if that's just your hands.

Parker, you can bring a smile to anyone's face.  You are so smiley and such a little cheeseball.  You flirt with all the girls when we go out and just light up whenever anyone talks to you.  You're a little chatterbox and have been since day 1.  You love to just talk and talk and often will wake up from naps and just lay in your crib and talk to yourself until we come in and get you.

You boys are rolling over like pros from back to belly but you both seemed to have forgotten how to roll back when you're done with tummy time.  Connor, you will happily play on your belly but when you're done you scream and scream til we roll you back over.  This is especially fun at night after you've gone to bed.  Parker, you love tummy time and just take in everything around you.  You'll reach for toys that are just out of your grasp and do this little inchworm thing where you put your head down and bum up and push with your feet to move yourself closer to whatever you're trying to get at. 

Sophie, the giraffe, is definitely a favorite toy.  You both love to chew on her.  Connor, you love her legs and Parker, you chew on her face like it's the best thing you've ever tasted..  Your musical keys are a new favorite.  You've both discovered they make noise and will push the buttons over and over. Parker, you also love the little bird on your car seat.  It's been there since you were only a week old and when you discovered it a couple months ago you would bat it around and smile.  The past month or so though you've discovered that when you pull on the bird it vibrates as it goes back up.  While we're in the car I hear you pulling it down over and over and over again.  It's almost always the first thing you grab when we put you in your seat.  Connor, you have a little frog on your car seat and you pull it down so you can chew on the frog's legs.  When we take you out the frog is soaked.

You guys are giggling like crazy and it's music to my ears.  Parker, you're so ticklish and will start giggling immediately if we even just touch your belly.  Connor, you make us work a little harder for those giggles but you have a ticklish spot...your chunky little thighs.  If I start to even get close you get a sly little smile that quickly turns into giggles.  

We've been reading a lot lately and you both are so fascinated by books.  You study the pictures and then me as I read the pages.  Your favorite bedtime story is definitely Good Night Moon but you also enjoy the new book Daddy got for us to read, Good Night iPad.  He also got us Go the F**k to Sleep but neither of you are a fan.  I kinda don't blame you so we've stopped reading it. 

You Are My Sunshine is one of your favorite songs.  If either of you are crying you will immediately stop when I start singing it.  I often sing it at nap time when you're fighting sleep. 

We've recently been spending more time outside because the weather has been nicer.  We go on a walk almost every night and you're both wide eyed taking it all in.  If you're in a grumpy mood you will immediately calm down when we put you in the stroller. 

We started solid foods about a month and a half ago and you're eating them at lunch and dinner.  Connor, you have liked them from the beginning and so far blueberries are the only food that you aren't too sure about.  Everything else you eagerly slurp down and we can never feed you fast enough.  Parker, you were not a fan for the first week or so.  Every bite you gagged and cried and would clamp your mouth shut.  We decided to just give up on cereal and as soon as we moved on to veggies and fruits you were eager to try them.  You still aren't too sure about texture but just last night you had blueberries for the first time and they were full of texture yet you loved them.  Both of you love avocado and can't enough of it.  

We are still doing a dreamfeed at night which I think helps you sleep longer. (And I definitely appreciate that!)  I love this part of our day because you cuddle up with me after you've had your bottle and sleep on my chest like you did so many months ago now.  The little sighs you make bring me back to those early days.  Connor, you scrunch yourself up like a little frog and are so content.  Parker, you put your arm around my neck and squeeze with your little hand and it melts me.  I never want to put you back in your cribs and would happily hold you all night while you sleep.   

My sweet boys, these past 6 months have been the most amazing time of my life.  Watching you last night on your 1/2 birthday I was in awe.  You have come so far from the tiny little boys we brought home from the hospital.  You have shown me what being a mom is all about and I wouldn't trade it for the world.  I love you both more than you'll ever know.


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